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Custom Wall Murals in Orlando, FL

Wall Murals

Transforming your office space or building exterior to make it look more appealing is something everyone desires. When your building has a beautiful appearance, it contributes to your employees’ well-being and attracts passersby.

To transform your building’s appearance, you might consider a wall mural. Murals are any graphic work that can be directly applied to the wall or painted on a canvas and give office space, building exteriors, or even ceilings a unique and memorable look.

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics is your go-to sign provider if you need custom wall murals in Orlando, FL. They deal with higher-level projects that typically involve making multiple signs and redecorating buildings, offices, and storefronts.

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Types of Wall Mural

There are several basic types of wall murals for a business space, office area, or building exterior, including

  • Photography wall murals. Photography wall murals are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a unique way to display personality, identity, and style through photos. When using photography murals, considering the size of the wall and the theme is essential to achieve an appealing final look. In offices or business premises, photography wall murals can be used to show the history of the business or pioneer staff.
  • Vinyl Wall Murals are made of flexible vinyl material and can be applied to any smooth surface. They can be used as interior wall murals and exterior walls and are easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue. Vinyl wall murals are available in multiple designs, including geometric patterns or images of nature, or can be customized to the design of your choice.
  • 3D wall murals are murals with an eye-catching 3D effect. They add a touch of modern style and bolden a room. They come in a vast collection that you can choose from. You can also customize them to your liking allowing your business or building to have its identity in 3D.
Uses of wall murals for offices in Orlando

Uses of Wall Murals

Wall murals make bold identity statements about a building or business. They make a business stand out and look unique compared to competitors. By giving a unique look to companies and facilities, they invite more customers and visitors, invoking emotions that boost revenues. When a wall mural is bright and bold, it attracts new and existing clients who grow sales by placing larger and more frequent orders.

Decorative wall murals also improve the appearance of a building, storefront, or business premise. Due to the variety of wall murals and room for customization, you can use them to give business premises and facilities a sophisticated, elegant, and attractive transformation that reflects your brand.

Cost of Wall Murals

The cost of wall murals varies depending on the type, size, and location. As our wall murals are custom made, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to reach out to our team directly and discuss your signage needs. We will be able to provide you with a free quote.

For wall murals in Orlando, including office wallpapers, business wall murals, or 3D wallpapers, contact City Beautiful Signs and Graphics and have our team take care of your needs.

Cost of Custom wallpapers and Murals in Orlando

Frequently Asked Questions

A wall mural is a type of signage that is digitally printed on vinyl and is typically applied to only one side of a wall. Unlike traditional wallpaper, they are simple to install and replace if a design change is required.

Murals have a distinct appearance that attracts customers and visitors. When a wall mural is bright and eye-catching, it attracts new and returning customers who increase sales by placing larger and more frequent orders. Decorative wall murals can also enhance the appearance of a building, storefront, or business location. Because of the variety of wall murals available and the ability to customize them, you can use them to transform business premises and facilities into sophisticated, elegant, and appealing environments that reflect your brand.

These signs are not always used for decoration. Aside from upgrading your office walls – they can also be used to improve the overall experience of your customers and your brand presence. Wall murals can be both visually appealing and impactful.

As both are used as wall coverings, wallpaper and wall murals have several differences. First, are the materials used, wallpapers are typically made with paper while wall murals are printed in vinyl adhesives. Also, wall murals can be customized based on your brand’s preferences whereas wallpapers are ready-made and cannot be customized. To learn more about this, you may contact us at 321-228-1489.

In most cases, wall murals are easily removable. Wipe any dust off before you begin and saturate the walls with water. When fully saturated, start peeling away from a corner and then slowly pull the mural away from the wall in one direction. If the mural was properly applied, it should be simple to remove. But for business owners, we still recommend letting professionals handle this concern to avoid inconvenience and other potential problems.

Murals are traditionally hand-painted and take several days to complete. But today, its designs are now printed on high-quality vinyl and installed directly into the walls. To learn more about our installation process, call us at 321-228-1489.

The price of a wall mural varies according to its type, size, and location. Because our wall murals are made to order, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to contact our team directly and discuss your signage requirements. We will be able to give you a free quote.

Indoor wall murals have a lifespan of up to five years. Your wall mural’s longevity is entirely dependent on where you place it and how you care for it. Outdoor garden wall murals are beautiful, but they will not last as long as an indoor wall mural in a temperature-controlled room.

There are several types of wall murals available in the market and the kind of materials that are being used depends on these types. The most common material to be used is vinyl. Other materials may include photo paper, canvas, perforated window film, and polyester. Contact us today at 321-228-1489 to learn the best material to be used for your mural.

You don’t need to look any further because City Beautiful Signs and Graphics is here to assist you! We design a personalized wall mural that reflects your company. We make certain that we provide high-quality sign products and services throughout Orlando. For a free quote, call 321-228-1489.