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Custom Made Exterior Building Signs

Your business sign is the first physical interaction people have with your business. Business signs call attention to your business and create brand awareness. The quality and state of your business exterior signage can significantly impact how many customers you attract and the impression you leave on them.

It is crucial to have signage on your business premises, regardless of your company’s size. Building signs come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. If you are looking for business signs near you in Orlando, FL, contact City Beautiful Signs and Graphics.

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Grafton Street Pub Building Sign

What Are Building Signs?

A building sign is any sign attached to your building that typically gives the viewer information about the company. The information is often as simple as a business name or logo. Identification is the main point of commercial business signs in Orlando. Exterior business signs must fit well with the business premises’ structure and surroundings. Therefore, the sign should complement the architectural and natural features of the property.

Types of Building Signs

Channel Letters: These signs are the most easily recognizable with their large metal casings and acrylic faces being lit from within by LEDs. They are wonderful for attracting business and are practically a necessity for businesses of a certain footprint.

Hanging Signs: These signs are popular with pubs or restaurants and serve to create a specific aesthetic for your business.

Blade signs: The signs jut out from your business. Similar to hanging signs but they are typically rectangular and fastened to your building stiffly and will not swing.

Directional Signs: Directional signs are business signs that ensure people find their way to business property. Also called wayfinding signs, they are often infused with branding.

Dimensional Lettering: Custom dimensional lettering ensures that your business name is visible and easily recognizable to anyone looking for your business. Building sign letters are ideally prominent enough to clear any visitor’s confusion. Dimensional lettering signs are made from acrylic or metal.

Electronic Message Signs: Electronic message signs are also referred to as digital outdoor signs or electronic message boards. They are modern business signs that offer incredible visibility and versatility. You can display single-color messages or high-resolution advertising videos on electronic message signs in Orlando.


In Orlando, FL, you can count on us at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics to support you in receiving quality commercial building signage. We know how important this type of signage is to make a great first impression among your customers and guests. Impactful signs outside your facility will not only raise brand awareness in the community, but they’ll help guests find you and provide them with the information they need.

Our team will work alongside you and will guide you in all phases of crafting signs that achieve these objectives. If you’re not sure how or where to start, you can rely on us to help you. Together, we’ll work to provide you with impactful outdoor building signage. Request a quote from us to get started.

Uses for Building Signs

Office building signs serve a variety of purposes. From a marketing standpoint, your signs will help advertise your business in the community. You’ll be able to let prospects and new customers know where you’re located and help keep your business top of mind among returning customers. From an informational standpoint, your signs can be crafted to include information guests need. This could be something as simple as your phone number so that they have the means to get in touch with you.

You can use signs for buildings for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Ensuring visitors know they are at the right location and interacting with the right business. A simple sign stating the business name in full will accomplish this.
  • Providing visitors with information. The information could range from directions to key data about the business. Considering the cost of building signs, you could save a lot of money.
  • Building signs for brand awareness. A clear and large sign of the business logo leaves a lasting impression on viewers.
  • If you are looking for a building sign maker in Orlando, contact City Beautiful Signs and Graphics today for a consultation.
Exterior Building Signage for Barbican Centre in Orlando


We custom make your sign so it perfectly reflects your business and fulfills your needs. So, the price of signs will vary depending on their specifications. Several factors such as materials, size, sign type, and more items will need to be taken into consideration.

We’re happy to discuss these options with you. Get in touch with us to discuss the specifics of your project.


When it comes to crafting signs for buildings, you need the support of a professional sign partner. At City Beautiful Signs and Graphics, we’re a full-service sign shop that will oversee all stages of your project. We begin with an initial consultation to learn more about your business and evaluate your needs. We’ll come up with a plan for your signage strategy to achieve exactly what your business needs. From there we’ll work on signage design that’s not only effective for your goals but aligned with your brand.

We’ll also oversee creation and installation using high-quality materials and precise techniques so that your signs are crafted and installed to be effective. If you need maintenance or repair down the road, be sure to connect with us. Or if you have an existing sign that you’re looking to rejuvenate, we’re happy to support you.

At City Beautiful Signs and Graphics, our passion is working with local businesses in Orlando, FL to help them succeed and serve the community we all love. As such, we look forward to working with your business on custom building signs. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Building signs are important for every business because they help in promoting brand awareness and reinforcement while also serving as landmarks for your business. They are your way of informing your target market that you are in their area.

The size of your lettering, whether channel or dimensional, affects how well people can see and read your signs. The size of your lettering can also influence how people recognize your company and help you make the best first impression. Generally, add an inch of height for every ten feet your audience is away from your sign. For example, if people are 30 feet away, the letters should be at least three inches high for them to be seen.

Signage provides your company with the identity it requires to stand out from the competition in the area where it is located. Having a sign that matches the company’s brand gives it an advantage over its competitors.

It is yet another way to increase the visibility of your company. They contribute to a company’s overall sales. They are critical in introducing your company to potential customers. This is why it is critical to select the appropriate type of building sign for your brand and identity.

Signage draws in new customers and raises brand awareness. According to a study, 76% of customers enter a store they have never visited before because of their signs. Also, 68% of these customers purchase either a product or service because of the sign they saw. Contact us today to learn more about the effectiveness of signs.

Yes, regardless of size, building signs are extremely durable. They are made with a tough, rigid material that is virtually shatterproof. It will not fade or weather and will last for many years. It is also UV and moisture-resistant, making it suitable for a wide range of sign types.

Our team creates building signs that reflect the brand identity that your company wants to communicate to your target market. As a result, we create an appealing and cohesive design that draws attention to your company both internally and externally. Call 321-228-1489 to speak with one of our signage experts about all your needs.

Look for a company that can plan, survey, design, produce, and install clients’ signage to make their visions a reality. You don’t need to look any further. We at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics are your one-stop facility that can provide all your signage needs. For more information, please contact us at 321-228-1489 for a free consultation.

While commercial signs last a long time, their lifespan is dependent on a variety of factors like location, exposure to different weather conditions, UV rays, and many others. For more information, please contact us at 321-228-1489 for a free consultation.