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Custom Acrylic Signs in Orlando, FL

Clear and Frosted Acrylic Signs Nearby You

Signage is defined as any kind of display that contains graphics intended to convey information to an audience. They are designed to promote, identify, and provide information. audience. They are designed to promote, identify, and provide information. If you’re looking for a versatile signage option that will deliver high-impact results for your business, one type to consider is acrylic signage.

What is Acrylic Signage?

Acrylic signage is sleek and shiny and is made of a plastic sheet that is colorless. Acrylics resemble glass and are popularly used in offices that need to improve their advertising and decorative appearance. Their popularity is due to their appearance and affordability.

If you are in Orlando, FL, and need acrylic signage for your business or office, City Beautiful Signs and Graphics is your solution. It is a company that focuses on higher projects that involve making multiple signs and redecorating offices, storefronts, or buildings.

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What type of signage are you looking for?


One of the many benefits of crafting signs from acrylic is the range of customization options the material offers. Whether you’re looking for a sleek, clear sign or a subdued, frosted sign, we can craft the specific sign that aligns with your desired style. In addition, the material can be colored, cut, and shaped to meet your preferences and achieve your business goals. Crafting a completely custom sign gives you full control over all its features, allowing you to showcase your brand message and set your business apart.

There are several types of acrylic signs used by various companies for their advertising, decorative, or wayfinding needs. They include:

  • Frosted Acrylic Signs: The appearance of acrylic signs is like glass, so they can support frosted graphics. Frosted graphics reduce the line of sight providing more privacy while allowing light to shine through. When placed facing a window, acrylic signs provide a stylish look. They are mostly used to create nameplates or logos and promote business products. They are often made into custom shapes to suit the desired design by the client. These are also referred to as frosted plexiglass signs.
  • Clear Plexiglass Signage: They are also referred to as plexiglass and the signage is stronger and lightweight, which is a good substitute for glass and made from a cast polymer. Clear plexiglass has to see through the finish and is similar to a transparent acrylic sign. They are the best fit for advertising and wayfinding in office buildings or business premises, like malls.
  • Dimensional Signage: Acrylic is versatile, making it easy to make dimensional signs. These are signs that are three-dimensional and often pop up out of a surface it’s mounted on. They bear a company’s name or logo.
  • Acrylic Letters: Spell out your company name in your lobby, boardroom, or common spaces with letters crafted from acrylic. This type of sign will elevate your brand presence when customers, guests, and clients arrive at your facility.
  • Acrylic Logo Sign: If you’re looking to make a statement, a logo sign is an excellent option. Create a focal point with a large, striking logo sign, clearly displaying your brand and encouraging recognition. When people enter your business, this impressive sign will create a “wow” factor that delivers winning first impressions.
  • Acrylic Sign Board: Display your products and services, features, pricing, and other important details on a sign board to support customers. They will appreciate your clear communication efforts in helping them make informed purchases.
  • Custom Acrylic Signs: The sky is the limit when it comes to crafting a custom sign. Be sure to connect with us to discuss what you have in mind for your ideal sign. We’re happy to work with you on refining the details and bringing your signage vision to life.

Uses of Acrylic Signs For Business

Whether you’re crafting a clear or frosted acrylic sign for your business, you can be sure that it will align with your business needs. Some of your options include using acrylic signage in your lobby to help with wayfinding or at your checkout counter to list your new product offerings. In many offices, acrylic signage is also used as door signs, restroom signs, and ADA signs to curate the right overall atmosphere.

With many other ways to implement these highly versatile signs, our professional team can devise a unique marketing strategy that caters to your unique needs. No matter how you plan to use your signs, they will provide an excellent way of enhancing the look and feel of your building or office. While conducting acrylic sign printing, it is good to make sure they use the color and theme of your company to amplify the visibility of your brand.

Acrylic signs are easily customizable and can act as wayfinding tools, give important info, or work as a form of advertising. Acrylic wall signs also give the office a professional and attractive look.

They are used to grab the attention of visitors and give a lasting impression that makes them want to check out the company’s services and return for them.

Custom acrylic signs give a business identity making it easily identifiable by existing and new customers.

Custom Acrylic Signs in Orlando, FL
CAS Contruction Acrylic Letters

Cost of Acrylic Custom Signs in Orlando, FL

The cost of acrylic signs varies in terms of the size and type of acrylic used. The price range is between $90 to $550 per square meter.

When you decide to get acrylic signs near you, especially in Orlando, getting a trusted acrylic maker is the ideal option. For frosted wall signs or plexiglass in Orlando, contact City Beautiful Signs and Graphics to take care of your sign projects.

At City Beautiful Signs and Graphics, we offer a range of plexiglass signs to satisfy a wide variety of uses within your business.

We’ll start by learning more about what you have in mind and then guide you through the rest of your signage journey to bring your signage ideas to life. From our initial consultation through to design, fabrication, and installation, we manage it all while focusing on delivering signs that are tailored to meet your exact needs.

Get in touch with us to request a quote or discuss your signage project. Our team of experts are excited to get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

Acrylic signs are one of the most adaptable choices for any business. Customized acrylic signs deliver high-impact results whether you need wayfinding office signs, ADA signage, or even POP displays and menu boards.

With a lot of different signs available in the market, our company specializes in making acrylic signs for advertising, decorative or wayfinding needs. Whatever sign your business needs, we got you covered! Contact us today at 321-228-1489 and learn more about the best sign option for your business.

Because of its durability and versatility, acrylic is one of the go-to materials for signs. It is a durable material that can be used both indoors and outdoors for many years. It is also a fantastic baseline for any type of sign because it is typically colorless and transparent. Acrylic can be colored, cut, and shaped into various shapes to create the sign you require.

Yes! Acrylic signs are a long-lasting sign option. They are made of tough, shatter-resistant plastic. This is why acrylic is an excellent glass substitute. Acrylic, unlike glass, is not easily broken. It is both durable and lightweight, making it easier to handle. It is a low-maintenance sign that will last for many years.

Plexiglass, a high-quality and versatile plastic sheet, is commonly used to create acrylic signs. Because this sheet is typically clear, it is an excellent substitute for glass signs. However, plexiglass is available in a wide range of colors. It can also be printed based on the design that you require.

Because acrylic signs have the appearance of glass, they are often used for frosted graphics. Frosted graphics reduce the line of sight, increasing privacy while still allowing light to pass through. They are primarily used to design nameplates or logos and to promote business products. They are frequently made into custom shapes to suit the client’s desired design. Businesses like law firms, clinics, accounting firms, and the like usually use this sign.

Our team designs acrylic signs that reflect the brand identity that your business wants to communicate to its customers. As a result, we create an appealing and cohesive design that draws attention to your company both inside and out. Call 321-228-1489 and let our team of experts help you with all your signage needs.

Acrylic sheets of large sizes are stored vertically or in special racks that allow the sheet to lean at an angle of approximately 10o. Acrylic sheets should also be stored vertically in special racks. If acrylic sheets are stored horizontally, they must not sag.

When it comes to acrylic signs, there is no specific price to be set. It is determined by various factors such as size, design, thickness, and others. Contact us today at 321-228-1489 to learn more about our pricing packages.

The thickness of your acrylic sign is largely determined by what you intend to use it for. Acrylic panels with a thickness of 1/8″ are the most common and can be used for a variety of indoor signs. And if you want a more durable sign for your lobby, 3/16″ or 1/4″ thick acrylic panels are ideal. Contact us to learn more about this feature.