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Custom Bathroom Signs in Orlando, FL

What is a Bathroom Sign?

Everyone has experienced the moment when they need to use the restroom while shopping or while visiting a business. The first thing you look for are signs that point you in the direction of the bathroom. That’s why proper bathroom signage is essential.

Once inside, other signs remind people to wash their hands or to throw towels in the trash. There are also signs for people with disabilities and signs for people who need to change a child’s diapers.

There is a lot more to bathroom signage than providing directions to the restroom, and making sure that your Orlando company has the right business signs in place is important.

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What type of signage are you looking for?


While providing signage to help customers find the bathroom is universal, the kinds of bathroom signs used are up to the business owner. Here are some examples of the types of bathroom signs that might be used:

  • Pictogram Only: Typically, these signs only utilize graphics and do not include the words “restroom” or “men” or “women” in standard print, but they contain braille translations of their intended purpose. The pictograms on these signs make it easy for people to determine their purpose. These pictograms must be tactile, in place of the tactile letters that are intended to be part of the sign, so that individuals who cannot read braille may readily comprehend the sign’s purpose.
  • Text Only Signs: Some bathroom signs only use words to denote the facility’s purpose. You will see “men,” “women,” or “unisex” signs without the pictograms in this case.
  • Funny Bathroom Signs:These signs typically have a sense of humor, which can take numerous forms. If you own a surf shop, for example, the traditional stick figures could be replaced by people in bathing suits. The font and colors might be adjusted to match your company’s branding or the theme of the establishment.

To have a humorous restroom sign that is still ADA-compliant, it is necessary to keep the tactile letters, braille translations, and appropriate color contrasts.

Uses of Bathroom Signs

Bathroom signs are helpful and convenient for your business. Signage is vital for businesses that want to make their consumers feel safe and at ease. The appropriate signage directs and expedites visitors’ access to your establishment’s facilities; this can be helpful so that they can find the restrooms without having to interrupt workers to ask for directions.

There is no location where proper signage is more important than in public bathrooms.

Hanging LED Bathroom Signage for business in Orlando
Custom Restroom Signage by City Beautiful Signs

Custom Bathroom Signs

Custom restroom signage assists employees, guests, and customers to help locate the restroom quickly. Simply mount them on a visible wall, hallway, or entryway.

Are you prepared to build your customized restroom signs? Explore our selection of alternatives, which includes male, female, and gender-neutral signage. Choose the font and color scheme to customize your design.

ADA Bathroom Signs

If you’re planning to acquire new bathroom signs for your business, it’s essential to ensure that they adhere to ADA laws and requirements. The purpose of these ADA restroom sign standards is to inform people with disabilities that they have the same access to the building’s restroom facilities as everyone else. Inside the restroom, these signs will help denote which stalls have been provided for ADA access.

Indoor wall Bathroom Signs for Building in Orlando
Gender Neutral Toilet Signs for Offices

Unisex Bathroom Signs

If you only have one restroom that is shared by all clients, you can label your toilets as gender-neutral with one of our inclusive gender-neutral bathroom signs.

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics provides gender-neutral toilet signs that are ADA compliant and feature all gender symbols along with accompanying braille symbols.

Bathroom Sign Makers in Orlando

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics is a reputable bathroom sign maker in Orlando, Florida. Bathroom signs are necessary for retail shops, schools, medical offices, health care facilities, professional buildings, government organizations, and more. We can work with you to make sure you have everything you need. Contact us today for more information.

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