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Promoting your business products or services should not always involve complex or sophisticated strategies. Sometimes, a simple electronic sign will open doors to new loyal customers and increase sales. An artistic digital sign designed by City Beautiful Signs and Graphics Orlando, FL, is enough to catch attention in your area.

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Custom Electronic Signs in Orlando

What Are Electronic Signs?

As the name suggests, electronic signs are electric displays, billboards, banners, or multimedia screens that broadcast digital messages and images. Since they are electrically powered, they have incredible flexibility for digital displays, making them the favorite and most suitable option for advertising your business.

In today’s highly digitized world, reliance on print to showcase your brand is switching to programmable LED display solutions. Searching for “electronic signs near me” yields hundreds of results. But for the perfect installation of electronic signs for your business in Orlando, you need a trusted partner, expert, and experienced professional to handle the project. Businesses can find such excellence at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics.

Our team is well versed and knowledgeable about different types and designs. Once we capture your desire and vision for your business display, we turn it into reality and represent your brand accurately.

Types of Electronic Signs

While digital displays enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business, the main aim is usually increasing your brand’s visibility. This is why digital billboards and other custom electronic signs are an effective communication tool.

With our vast experience, we meet all our customer’s needs and therefore understand the different types and uses of electronic signs for business in Orlando. Generally, there are two categories of signs:

  • Indoor electronic signs
  • Outdoor electronic signs

Interior or indoor signs create a cohesive theme inside your business premises while directing or giving your clients vital information. Some could be as simple as aisle identifiers, room numbers, or the promotion of new products and services. Common indoor signs include:

  • Menu boards
  • Comfort room signs
  • Exit signs
  • Floor signs
  • Reception signs
  • ADA-compliant signs
  • Wall murals
  • Wayfinding signs

With these signs and more available at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics, our experts have a unique way of setting your internal signs to compliment your brand while still meeting your specific design needs.

Outdoor or exterior signs are specifically used to catch or direct public attention to your business. Sometimes, you must highlight the business exterior before the inside is seen. There is no better way of doing this than crafting eye-catching electronic signage.

External digital displays are usually designed to give you 24 hours of advertising lasting many years. Our unique installation by City Beautiful Signs and Graphics expert ensures you dominate the location making your business a point of reference.

Generally, outdoor electronic signs are suitable for nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, late-night businesses, theaters, casinos, malls, churches, and other high-rise commercial buildings, mostly running 24 hours.

Exterior signs at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics include:

  • Window displays
  • Pylon signs
  • Monument signs
  • Post and Panel signs
  • Awnings
  • Outdoor wall murals
  • Building wraps especially for casinos
  • Highway billboards and banners

These, including portable electronic message boards and other creative custom electronic signs, will give your business brand a state-of-the-art design with the highest quality display.

What Makes City Beautiful Signs and Graphics Standout

Orlando businesses know and understand style, and that’s our core driving force. In addition, we stand with excellent customer service and response, reasonable cost of electronic signs, professional creativity, custom designs to meet your business needs, and other maintenance and repair services.

Our team also offers remarkable project management, quality guarantee, and exceptional color setups to avoid cluttering your business with unnecessary displays.

For exceptional electronic signs in Orlando, contact us today.

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