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Etched & Frosted Glass Signs

How to Use Glass Signs for Business

Are you an Orlando business owner that is looking for a way to quickly and effectively elevate your brand? If yes, etched glass signs are your next strategic marketing decision!

Signage is a necessary addition to any professional space to guide and inform employees, customers, and clients alike. Turn your business’s signage into artwork with custom etched glass signs.

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics understands how to beautifully transform a professional environment into one that inspires and creatively motivates each person that walks through its doors.

What is Etched Glass Vinyl?

It is a delicate and functional alternative material for etched glass film, which looks and feels like genuine etched glass.

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What is the Difference Between Etched Glass and Frosted Glass Signs?

Both terms are used to describe decorative glass signs. They are also both meant to hinder vision while also not obstructing light from passing through the glass. However, while etched glass is transparent and clear, frosted glass signs undergo a process that where the glass turns from transparent to translucent. This process gives it a cloudy appearance.

Types of Etched Privacy Vinyl

The type of custom glass etched vinyl you choose will determine the overall feel that you give your workplace. The following are the vinyl options that are available to you, as well as a description of how it will present on glass.

  • Crystal: Creates a texturized look to glass, making a big difference with a small change.
  • Metallic coarse: Gold or silver coarse etched vinyl adds a rough texture and bedazzling effect to glass.
  • Metallic fine: Used to create a finely etched inlaid glass, which creates a professional appearance.
  • Translucent/frosted: If you’re looking for privacy, add a translucent screen to your glass walls and windows.
  • Colors: Frosted calendar film is available in a range of colors, which can be chosen to complement your business’s brand.

All options are also available as etched glass-lighted signs. Using low-voltage LED lights, the etched glass sign will be illuminated, thus easily visible in all types of workspaces. This addition is beneficial when exterior etched signage is used at workspaces that are used at night.

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Uses of Etched and Frosted Glass Signs

If you are selecting etched and/or frosted glass signs for your Orlando business, it is important to understand how you can maximize their use. Consider the following uses for this type of signage:

  • Aesthetic: Using custom glass signs elevates the aesthetic of a business, especially when this type of signage is used consistently throughout the space.
  • Cleanliness: The etching always ensures to have sharp lines, which offers the branding on signs a clean look and feel.
  • Privacy: Specifically speaking to custom frosted glass decals, the cloudy appearance of frosted glass offers semi-privacy to the space

Your Trusted Etched Glass Signs Partner in Orlando

When it comes to working with a signage partner for your Orlando business, you want a team of professionals with a wide range of capabilities that can be tailored to your specific needs. We specialize in designing etched and frosted glass signs that exceed our clients’ expectations. Let’s work together to elevate your brand and beautify your business.

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