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Custom Pylon Signs for Business in Orlando, FL

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Signage for a brick-and-mortar business is a simple, yet crucial form of advertising. Pylon signs are a highly visible type of sign and are considered one of the most effective outdoor signs. You will find pylon signs by many establishments in Orlando, including churches, fast food franchises, hospitals, and gas stations, among many others.

Though pylon signs are one of the most popular forms of commercial signs, you need to do your research and know as much about them as possible. If you live in Orlando and are searching for pylon signs near you, come to City Beautiful Signs and & Graphics. We will happily provide you with expert pylon sign installation services.

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Outdoor Pylon Signs for Business

What Is a Pylon Sign?

A pylon sign is also called a pole or free-standing sign. It is a form of outdoor signage placed on one or two poles. Pylon signs are usually placed along a road to call attention to the businesses they are advertising. They are typically made using an aluminum or steel frame, and their face is either rigid or flexible. Don’t confuse Pylon signs with monument signs as the latter are small, rarely surpassing five feet tall.

You should choose City Beautiful Signs and Graphics if you are looking for pylon sign manufacturing in Orlando, FL. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry to ensure your sign looks fantastic for years.

Types of Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are categorized mainly according to their mounting style. The following are types of pylon signs:

Single Pole Mount: Single pole mounts are most recognizable type of commercial pylon signs. They consist of a single metal pole rising high in the air to uphold the one or two-sided sign. Single pole mount pylon signs are economical and rigid.

Twin Pole Mount: As the name suggests, a twin pole mount is a pylon sign with two poles holding up a sign. They are more stable and secure than single pole mount signs and are primarily used for more prominent signs.

Covered Pole Mount: A covered pole mount consists of a single or twin pole mount where the pole is covered. You can customize the cover to suit your brand or business.

Illuminated Pylon Signs: If you want to call more attention to your sign, an internally lit lightbox pylon sign is the best option. Illuminated pylon signs typically include an automated LED light in the sign, which turns on and off as needed.

Uses for Pylon Signs

Using a pylon sign for your business largely depends on Orlando’s sign codes. You will also have to consider other factors, like proximity to the road, size of your property, distance to power lines, and more. Any business can effectively use a pylon sign. If you want to increase your business’s visibility, pylon signs are a fantastic way to do it. Most pylon signs include the company’s name and logo.

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Why Choose a Pylon Sign?

The main benefit of using custom pylon signs is increased visibility. These signs are great for attracting drivers from a distance.

Pylon signs are cost-effective with high ROI.

Pylon signs are customizable and made from different materials. You can also use a wide range of designs.

Pylon signs are also very durable. The materials used to make the pylon signs will last for years.

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