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Orlando Exterior Signs for Business

Custom Outdoor Business Signs in Orlando

For most startups and existing businesses in Orlando, outdoor signage remains an affordable and viable option for building their brands. When done right, exterior building signs can lower your marketing costs while boosting your sales and creating a high ROI.

What is Outdoor Signage?

As the name suggests, outdoor signage includes signs for the outside of your business. They help to display the name of your business, help you share information, notify potential clients in Orlando of upcoming sales and discounts, or display menu information. All of these uses and more can be applied to your business in Orlando.

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Uses of Outdoor Signs

Businesses in Orlando use exterior signage to gain visibility for their brand. As a major advertising avenue, these business signs help to retain existing customers, while attracting new ones to your shop.

Age Rejuvenation Channel Letter Sign
Grafton Street Pub Building Sign

The Average Cost of Outdoor Signs in Orlando

The price of exterior building signs in Orlando depends on various factors. The size of the signage, type of signage, and special features that need professional installation all determine the final cost of the service. Larger, high-quality signs cost more than smaller ones with fewer features. Be sure to contact your signage experts at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics to get a free quote on your upcoming signage projects.

Types of Outdoor Signs in Orlando

Exterior signage at your business premise in Orlando is highly effective in announcing your presence to your potential clients. And they come in different shapes, sizes, forms, and functions. Here are the types of outdoor business signs you can find in Orlando.

  • Pylon Signs: These types of outdoor signage for businesses help to create awareness of your business location and attract new clients. Pylon signs are large and stand tall to attract motorists and passersby from miles away if necessary. They can also be fitted with LED lighting to improve your business’s findability even at night.
  • Banners and Flags: These two advertising tools give you good value for your money. Banners are great especially as temporary signage for use during marketing events such as expos and trade fairs, or when you need to notify the public of upcoming events in Orlando.
  • Illuminated Signs: Illuminated signs are some of the most useful types of outdoor signage. Whether your business remains open after dark or just needs to garner more attention, these signs are the way to go.
  • Back-lit Signs: These are a type of illuminated sign where the light source shines behind your sign, rather than within it. This is especially useful for letter signs as the lighting creates a solid contrast and makes your letters stand out. These signs have an easily recognizable “halo” of light which is why they are often referred to as halo-lit letters.
  • Neon Signs: The retro-style neon signs are popular as they easily catch the eye from across the street. Neon isn’t used in most new versions of this sign type, however. Instead, LEDs can be used to create the same effect in a way that is both cheaper and more eco-friendly.
  • Wood-engraved Signs: Wooden signs have a rustic look and feel. Applying a few layers of high-density urethane makes them weatherproof and durable.
  • Vinyl Lettering and Decals: Decals and lettering are a flexible form of advertising media as you can install them on various surfaces including floors, walls, company vehicles, doors, and windows. They are also economical as you can customize and install different designs to suit different seasons and events.

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