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Custom LED Signs in Orlando, FL

Custom Neon and LED Lit Signs in Orlando

If you’re searching for LED signs near you, choose City Beautiful Signs and Graphics for beautiful signage, affordable installation, and reliable maintenance.

Custom LED Signs in Orlando, FL

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics features professional sign solutions. We can help you create an aesthetically attractive LED sign that will help you to more effectively advertise your business and expand your customer base.

What differentiates our complete signage and graphic solutions is our experienced team of experts. This is why when we install LED signs for you, your products and business are displayed in a way other advertising methods can’t achieve.

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Custom LED Signage for Comedy Cafe in Orlando, FL

What Are LED Signs

An LED sign is an amazing piece of technology that features a flat panel of electronic signs or a small-digital screen to display text, images, videos, or animations as a form of advertisement. Since these signs use an array of light-emitting diodes, their brightness makes LED signs for stores suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

You can construct these illuminated signs to advertise your brand and add unmistakable curb appeal to your business premises, which is sure to attract a steady stream of customers or clients. Our custom lighted signs provide outstanding visibility, especially for businesses that operate into the night.

Types of LED Signs

City Beautiful Signs and Graphics has vast experience with LED-lit signs. Our professionals are knowledgeable about different LED sign types available to businesses. The sign you pick for your business is critical to its advertising success. For example, if you want to highlight a specific section of your outdoor store, restaurant, or other venues, you may need low-energy and high-efficiency LED bulbs to curb energy costs.

Our experts are familiar with all types of LED signs, including,

  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Yard signs
  • ADA signage
  • Storefront signs
  • Cabinet signs
  • Acrylic signs
  • Custom-led neon signs

While we are not limited to only these types of signs, our expertise and success make us a trusted LED neon sign company in and around Orlando.

outdoor LED sign for business
Storefront LED Neon Sign for Hobby Lobby

Uses of LED Signs

Using LED light signs in Orlando can support your company’s branding or marketing strategy. Creativity, humor, exposure, and a reasonable operating budget will give your business a competitive edge. With our expertise, you can use LED signs to advertise your products and brand, broadcast a live event, and aesthetically present your nightclub, hotel, theater, restaurant, or standalone monument for your business.

However, the cost of LED signs may vary depending on your business advertisement and display needs. But City Beautiful Signs and Graphics is flexible enough to work with your budget and still do a remarkable job of creating your custom sign.


You are likely familiar with neon signs in Orlando. The glow of these signs is eye-catching and can help draw attention in a crowded business park or busy tourist area. These signs contain tubes made of glass that are lit by neon or other gases. However, some businesses today are looking for an alternative to neon signs in Orlando, FL. That’s where LED signs come in.


LED signage boasts many advantages for business-owners. Instead of being constructed with glass tubes, they’re made of brightly lit strips of light. They’re a cost-effective and energy-efficient type of sign that many businesses turn to for their messaging. If you’re looking to replace an outdated custom neon sign in Orlando or make your first sign purchase, consider your options with LED signage.


In busy sections of Orlando, FL, there can be competition to stand out. LED lit signs are a marketing tool that you can use to command attention. However, you can take your sign one step further with a completely custom approach. Custom LED neon signs can be personalized to your liking. Whether you’re interested in an exterior sign or indoor sign, you have the option to completely customize it for your business.

This personalized touch is what will set your sign apart from all the rest. The style can be crafted to suit exactly what you’re looking for, and our professional team at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics in Orlando, FL will help you in this regard. We’ll oversee your project and offer our insight on how you can achieve the best LED signs custom to suit your requirements.

Personalized LED Signage


The cost of your light up signage in Orlando, FL will vary. This is because each business will have unique requirements for their sign to align with their specific goals. The size, shape, and materials for each sign can differ from one project to the next. Once we know more about the scope of your project, we can provide a better estimate of its cost. We invite you to request a quote from us today to get started.

Customized Exterior LED Signs in Orlando, FL

Why Pick City Beautiful Signs and Graphics?

Our core focus is understanding your needs for LED signs and professionally fulfilling them. Our team’s expertise makes us a reliable company. When you choose our services, you sign up for a quality partnership as we collaboratively work with you to bring your sign vision to life.

You can trust us to help you maximize your business potential through our cost-effective LED light services throughout Orlando.


You’ll appreciate the complete process we provide our customers at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics. We begin with a consultation to get to know your company and how you plan to use your signs. We’ll assess your business, discuss your signage objectives, and offer our professional recommendations. If you have a specific signage idea in mind, we’ll work on your vision. Or, if you need a helping hand, we’re happy to conceptualize an effective signage option.

From there, we oversee the steps involved in making your sign a reality. This includes managing design, fabrication, and final installation to bring your signs to life. If you need maintenance or repair down the road, or have an existing sign that needs support, you can count on us.

For more information on lighted signs, get in touch with our professional team. We are your source for custom signs and graphics, offering a wide range of interior signs, outdoor signs, custom signs, and vehicle wraps.