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Monument Signs for Churches: Amplifying Your Message to the Community

Monument Signs for Churches: Amplifying Your Message to the Community

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Monument signs for churches do so much more than display a street address. These signs are a key tool for churches that are looking to share messages in their community. Whether the goal is to invite new worshippers or promote upcoming events, these prominent signs help achieve these objectives and more.

If you’re considering monument signs for churches, here’s why you should rely on this type of sign to share your messages effectively:

  • Choose your desired sign type: One of the biggest benefits of monument signs is that they can be customized. You’re afforded a wide range of options when it comes to selecting a specific monument sign for churches that will display your message most prominently. Some of your options include pylon monument signs, post and panel monument signs, digital display monument signs, and more. If you’re unsure which to select, you can rely on professional team to guide your decision.
  • Select the best materials: The materials you select from your monument sign may differ from those of another church. That’s because you’ll want to select materials that will align with your church specifically. As you narrow down your options, take into consideration the look and feel of your church’s exterior, along with its surrounding landscape. Brick, concrete, stone, wood, and metal are available to select from.
  • Craft effective designs: The design of monument signs for churches varies greatly from one sign to the next. Designs are crafted with your church’s specific messaging in mind so that it can be showcased effectively in the community. For example, some churches may select a digital monument sign, as it offers a modern look and allows the flexibility of custom text and graphics. Other churches may prefer a traditional sign that displays a static message year-round. No matter your goal, our team is available produce designs that showcase your messaging in a style that suits your preferences.
  • Add features for more visibility: Additional features, such as illumination, are available to further amplify your message. Lighted signs are effective for displaying your message in the evening and helping people find your location, even in poor visibility conditions. If you’re interested in an illuminated monument sign, be sure to ask us about your options.
  • Install your signs strategically: When it comes to making your message prominent, signage placement is key. Monument signs are installed strategically so that they’re visible to passersby walking or driving by. With proper placement, your signs will also help people find your location quickly and easily.

Connect with City Beautiful Signs and Graphics

The professional team at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics in Orlando, FL is available to guide you through all the steps needed to ensure your monument sign amplifies your message.

Monument signs are just one type of sign we offer, and we’re happy to support you with this type of sign and any others that your church requires. We offer a supportive process for consultation, design, fabrication, and installation. Reach out to us to discuss monument signs for churches and any other signs you require.