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How Successful Are Brands That Harness the Power of Dimensional Logos?

How Successful Are Brands That Harness The Power Of Dimensional Logos

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Consumers today are seemingly presented with advertisements, promotions, and business signs more and more each day. This makes it critical for you, as a business owner, to implement strategic marketing tactics that will set your brand apart.

One such tactic that will make your brand stand out — quite literally — is a dimensional logo. This type of sign is crafted to showcase your logo in a three-dimensional format. With shape and depth, your logo will become an attention-grabbing sign that can help your business get noticed in a competitive market.

What Are Dimensional Logos?

Before we dive into how you can take advantage of dimensional signs for your own business success, let’s explore exactly what these signs entail.

This type of custom sign offers a range of options to display your logo in an eye-catching way. Your logo will be cut from a material that aligns with your preferences, such as acrylic, metal, wood, and more. Such durable materials are versatile and can be used to craft both indoor and outdoor signs. With so many signage types and customizations to select from, the options are endless for creating your own custom dimensional logo to attract attention.

Benefits of Using Dimensional Logos in Your Business

Successful brands use dimensional logos in a variety of ways. From storefront signs to lobby signs, office signs, and more, there are several sign types to select from, each presenting a range of benefits:

  • Get Noticed in a Crowded Area
    When it comes to outdoor business signs, they can be a key tool to help make your establishment more visible. In busy or crowded areas, highly visible signs are essential if you want to get noticed. The 3D nature of a dimensional logo’s design will attract more attention. Unlike 2D signs, these signs can be seen from multiple angles, giving you a dynamic opportunity to generate more impressions.
  • Stand Out from Your Competition
    The customization options in crafting a dimensional logo will not only integrate your unique brand elements on the sign but will also allow you to differentiate your logo from other businesses. You’ll be able to craft a sign in a size, shape, style, and material that is most impactful for your business. Whether this sign is then mounted inside or outside your business, it will become a memorable feature that helps people remember your business.
  • Showcase a Unique Look for Your Business
    Dimensional logos also enable you the opportunity to take your business sign one step further with a design that boasts originality. While 2D signs are certainly effective when it comes to sharing important business information clearly and succinctly, 3D signs can be more vibrant. Showcasing your logo on a bold, modern sign can take your business image to new heights, especially if you’re looking to move beyond more traditional sign types.

Get Creative with Custom Dimensional Logo Sign Options

As we noted, there are many ways to craft your sign so that it’s customized for your needs, as well as complements the look and feel of your business. The sign’s size, material, shape, colors, finish, lighting, and installation features will all contribute to its overall look and feel. With these logos being a more modern sign type, don’t be afraid to make a statement with your sign so that it stands out.

Where to Install a Dimensional Logo?

Now that you know a bit more about what these signs entail and how they can contribute to your business success, let’s take a look at specific sign types and how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Building signs: If your facility features an exterior wall that’s visible to passersby, a prominent logo will transform it into a valuable marketing space to make sure your brand is noticed in the community.
  • Entrance signs: The space above your building entrance is a key location to not only brand your facility with your logo but also make your entrance easy to find. Consider including dimensional letters that spell out your business name along with your logo for the biggest impact.
  • Lobby signs: Create a focal point in your lobby with a logo sign. When guests enter, your logo will be the first thing people see, helping to command your brand presence and create great first impressions.
  • Monument signs: As the name suggests, the large sign type features an impressive monument that’s placed in a visible location to landmark a business. It can be crafted with various types of sign displays, including a dimensional logo to mark a business’s location.
  • Office signs: In addition to your lobby, you may wish to include a logo sign in other key areas. This may include a boardroom, gathering space, lounge, or conference room where you can display your logo to help people remember your business.
  • Pole signs: These tall, outdoor signs can be seen from a distance to pique people’s interests and help them find your location. Like monument signs, they can feature different signage display options, one of which is a dimensional logo sign.

Contribute to Your Business Success with Impressive Signs Today

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