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Make a Lasting Impression with Striking Monument Signage

Make a Lasting Impression with Striking Monument Signage

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A monument sign in Orlando is an impressive type of sign that will make a statement. This sign is one that’s strategically placed outside a facility to identify where a business is located. It could be the first thing guests see when they arrive at a business, making it critical to ensure it strikes the right note.

Businesses rely on the attention-grabbing power of these signs thanks to their size and stature. However, there are additional key features that help monument signs stand out. If you’re looking to invest in your first monument sign, or refresh one that’s existing, here are some considerations that will help your sign make a lasting impression:

  1. Choose Quality Materials
    Custom monument signs can be crafted from a range of materials such as brick, metal, and more. Not only does this give you the option to select the most durable, high-quality products, but also gives you some choices. As you consider signage materials, be sure to think about what will look best outside your business. Materials that complement your building exterior and your landscape will be pleasing to the eye and help you generate the most attention with your sign.
  2. Select Strategic Text
    Your monument sign in Orlando can be customized to display the exact information you need. For many companies, this is their business name, wordmark, and/or logo. But you don’t need to stop there. You may also consider adding your company address, phone number, URL, or other key details. While you don’t want to crowd your sign with too much text, some extra information can help people get in touch with you after hours.
  3. Add Illumination
    A sure way to make your monument sign stand out is with lighting. There are different styles to choose from, depending on the specifics of your sign and your goals. No matter which style you choose, your sign will become a valuable marketing tool for your business. If people are looking for your business at night and in poor weather, an illuminated sign will be a welcoming sight.
  4. Consider an Electronic Monument Sign
    This type of sign features an electronic display and gives you the most flexibility with your messaging. The display can be programed to showcase exactly when you need, including animations and graphics. Similar to illuminated signs, an electronic monument sign is one that is brightly lit and stands out to help people notice your business.

Connect with City Beautiful Signs and Graphics for Custom Monument Signs

For professional support with a new or existing monument sign, connect with us at City Beautiful Signs and Graphics. We offer services that will cover everything you need for designing, creating, and installing a striking sign. If you’re not sure how or where to start, you can rely on our team to guide you through every step.

We invite you to learn more about us and visit our gallery to check out some of our work. For more information about monument sign options for your business and to request a quote, simply reach out to us.