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How Decorative Wall Decals Can Affect Your Mood?

How Decorative Wall Decals Can Affect Your Mood

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If you’ve ever entered a business space and immediately felt a specific mood, then you know just how impactful decorative wall decals can be. Perhaps it was a spa or salon that was outfitted with nature-inspired decals to create a relaxing space. Or maybe it was a daycare or children’s clothing store that featured bright, vibrant decals to connect with a younger audience.

Your business, too, can take advantage of decals to help create a specific atmosphere for your workspace. With a curated environment, guests will feel welcome and at ease in your space, while employees will feel valued and inspired in their work areas.

What Are Decorative Wall Decals?

Before we explore the ways that decals can be used to achieve a specific mood in your business, let’s explore what these signs entail.

Put simply, wall decals are vinyl adhesives that can be applied to smooth surfaces, such as the walls in your business. They can be custom crafted to align with your needs, meaning they can be cut into any shape or size. The design for each decal can also be personalized. So, no matter what type of atmosphere you hope to create in your business, your decorative wall decals can be designed to feature the images and text that will achieve this objective.

Some of the key features of decals that you’ll appreciate include:

  • Versatility to install decals throughout your business space
  • Quick and easy to produce and install
  • Option for removeable decals, if needed
  • No risk in damaging the wall surface upon application or removal
  • Cost-effective signage option for many businesses

How to Achieve Specific Moods with Decorative Wall Decals?

When planning wall decals for your business, you’ll want to keep in mind their placement, color, and styles. All these elements play a key role in contributing to the mood your decals will generate — and being able to do so successfully. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create a Calm, Serene Space
    Several types of businesses will benefit by creating a soothing space for their customers. This may include professional offices, healthcare facilities, beauty and wellness businesses, and more. Consider incorporating graphics with designs and colors that are inspired by the earth and nature to achieve a calm, serene space where guests feel at ease.
  • Develop an Energetic, Vibrant Environment
    Incorporate bold, vibrant elements in your decorative wall decals for an uplifting environment. Exciting graphics and vibrant colors will help infuse energy in your business space. Whether it’s a fast-paced office where you’re looking to motivate employees or a fitness center where decorative wall decals can inspire guests, you’ll be able to achieve these objectives effortlessly with the right decals.
  • Showcase Professionalism with Business Graphics and Lettering
    In a specialized business environment, perhaps the mood you’re aiming to create is more professional in nature. Financial institutions, legal offices, real estate establishments, and other businesses may be looking to incorporate decorative wall decals, but in a more subtle way.
    In these environments, decals can be crafted to showcase a business logo or company name in the lobby, boardroom, or meeting space. Even on a small scale, these decals make a big impact when it comes to creating brand touchpoints that help people remember your business.
  • Transport Guests to a New Location
    Perhaps you’re looking to create a unique experience for people in your business by having them envision themselves in a different location. For example, transport guests to an Italian restaurant with a beautiful wall mural that showcases the streets of Rome. Or a library could make use of a mural that displays a friendly wildlife scene to bring book characters to life and inspire young readers. Of course, these are just two examples where decorative wall decals on a larger scale can be effective.
  • Create an Illusion to Enhance Your Business Space
    If you’re looking to transform your space for the better with the help of a decorative wall decal, this outcome is certainly possible. Light and bright decals can create the illusion of more daylight in a dark business environment and can even help small spaces appear bigger. Don’t underestimate the power of decals if your business space could benefit from these enhancements.

Types of Decorative Wall Decals for Your Business

Now that we’ve explored some of the ways you can implement decals to achieve certain moods, let’s explore the types of decals that you can use. Your options include:

  • Graphics: These decals feature images, photographs, and designs in the size, style, and shape that aligns with your needs. Whether you’re looking to make a big impact or implement graphics on a smaller scale, you can achieve both options with various kinds of graphics.
  • Lettering: In some instances, you may not need graphics at all. Rather you could simply be looking for lettering to display your company name or label areas of your business to create a professional, cohesive business environment.
  • Wall murals: The most transformative type of decal is a mural, which can cover one or several walls in your business. Similar to decals and lettering, they can be crafted in a size and style that suits your space and removed easily, if necessary.

Outfit Your Business Space with Decorative Wall Decals Today

No matter the mood you’re looking to create in your business space or the type of decal you plan to use to achieve it, connect with us to bring your ideas to life.

At City Beautiful Signs and Graphics in Orlando, FL, we design, produce, and install decals that are customized to meet our clients’ needs. We look forward to learning more about your business and how you aspire to use decals to create the mood suitable for your workspace.

Whether you have ideas in mind or are looking for our support in getting started, give us a call. We’re happy to assist you by providing a quote for your signage project. Connect with us to learn more.